1958 United Shooting Star

1958 United Shooting StarVideo of gameplay

For sale Sold is a 1958 United Shooting Star electromechanical arcade game.  This is an unusual game where the shuffle alley is used to manipulate bouncing balls in the cabinet.  The object is to get the balls to land in patterns (3 in a row, 4 in a row, 5 in a row or 4 corners) for points.  The balls are launched when a puck on the shuffle alley hits switches representing the columns of balls.  Each column of balls can be launched individually, or all the balls can be launched at once.

The balls are reflected in a mirror in the cabinet so they appear to jump out towards the player instead up up in the air.

This game has a smaller footprint than many shuffle alley games measuring roughly 7 1/2" long by 2" wide.

One or two can play at a time.

The game is in good working order and in good cosmetic condition with a working 25 cent coin mechanism.  Note that the cabinet doesn't seem to be in original condition.  Sale includes a puck and schematic.

Shooting Star 6Shooting Star adfrom Billboard magazine